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​Top BPA Free Toys for Teething Tots and Natural Teethers

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Let's be honest – Teething can be a real bummer for both mum and bubba, but there are some tactics to make teething time a little less tedious and a lot more fun for your little one.

However, before we address the issue of teething, let's first understand why teething occurs in the first place.

Teething is a process that occurs when an infant's first teeth (often referred to as "milk teeth" or "baby teeth") emerge through the gums, usually arriving one pair at a time.

Teething typically commences when your child is around six to eight months.

Annoyingly, the process can last for several years before all ten pairs complete their respective tooth eruption.

Teething can be a painful process, but, fortunately, there are some great natural methods for mitigating the pain and also some great Teething Products that can help your little one through the Teething period.

One great natural antidote to the teething process is simply to give your young one a teething toy. Our "Sophie the Giraffe Teether" range of teether toys and rattles helps you and your baby ease the teething blues. Made from BPA free, 100% natural rubber and coated with paint that is completely non-toxic, you won't need to lose sleep worrying about the well-being of your precious baby. The 'Sophie the Giraffe Teether' range is great for keeping your baby occupied and these superbly crafted teething toys mean your little one can get more sleep, be comforted and have a teething friend.

If your baby is having trouble with dribbling or drooling, irritability or crankiness, swollen gums, and/or mood changes, our selection of teething toys will help soothe the pain by drawing attention away from the pain. Some of our excellent teething products include; "Sophie the Giraffe - So Pure Teething Colo'rings", "Sophie The Giraffe Teething Rings" and a whole host of other great BPA Free Teething Toys

This range of natural teethers work as both a cute friendly toy and a therapeutic teething aid, giving your child the ultimate distraction from teething pains. This toy is perfect for little hands to hold, and it is also a fantastic choice for soothing those painful gums. One particular advantage of the "Sophie the Giraffe Teething Toy" is that it gives super-quick relief for your little one's aching gums, as the rubber is soft, naturally made, safe, and provides a non-toxic exterior that allows your baby to teethe and chew with comfort.

As an added bonus, you can get free postage, free gift wrapping and same day dispatch on the full range of Sophie the Giraffe teethers in Australia. 

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Sophie the Giraffe Australia

Sophie the Giraffe Australia

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